24 Hours of Le Mans: Is it more popular than F1?

The 24 Hours of Le Mans, is it more popular than F1? It could be tougher for drivers, but it’s not much tougher than F1 mechanics.

Building the fastest cars on earth, is a difficult thing, but yes, 24 hours of Le Mans could be closer to F1 nowadays.

There is a simply rule in Le Mans, you have to race 24 hours, be the fastest and become the winner, in F1 is different, you don’t have much time to recover.

We believe, F1 is more popular than Le Mans at the moment, the speed, the emotions, makes F1 much better sport than Le Mans.

But if you look at the stats of Le Mans are truly amazing, making 5410 KM in 24 hours, is just unbelievable.

However, the most successful manufacturer in 24 Hours of Le mans remains Porsche, winning 19 since the beginning of the sport.

The most successful driver, already 9 wins at Le Mans is the Dannish driver, Tom Kristensen.