5 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Schumacher

We will bring the 5 facts about the best racer our planet ever seen, Michael Schumacher – the seven-time world champion in Formula 1.

He remained the most successful driver in history until 2020 when Lewis Hamilton equalled his championship winning with seven-titles.

However, Schumacher changed the course of the sport, he raised the popularity of Formula One during his years at Ferrari.

Schumacher never liked Luxury cars

Michael Schumacher as a best racer, never liked luxury cars – fastest cars, he owned Fiat 500 Abarth for his family. He also owned gifted cars like Ferrari FXX after his retirement, Mercedes AMG SLS was also gifted by his former team Mercedes AMG, but never invested on buying best cars.

Schumacher never wanted his son to be a racing driver

Everyone of us, would love to see his son to succeed in motorsport, many of us dream of it and try to bring our loved one at the top. But for the seven-time world champion, it’s not the same. He was a great racer and he knew how dangerous racing is – it was the reason why he didn’t wanted for his son Mick to become a racing driver. But Mick lately revealed that his father gave him an advice, to do what he wants to do in his life, to do what he likes the most. This is the reason why Mick is racing in F1 today, it wasn’t desire of his father.

He loved football

Michael Schumacher was a big fan of football, we have seen him in many events he attended. He played with his F1 collegues in San Marino. He also played many times with legends of any other sport. Schumacher was a big fan of German team Koln, but outside the Germany he loved Newcastle United.

Never tested an F1 car – Schumacher drove an F1 car just 20 laps before his debut

Interesting fact that Michael Schumacher never tested an F1 car before his debut, he had just 20 laps to do ahead of the new season to F1, but the most surprising thing is that he did the fastest lap on that circuit than anybody else before. An impressive drive by Michael Schumacher that nobody ever expected, it showed since the beginning that a king is joining F1.

His early days of racing is the most interesting part

A young Michael who really loved competing at the highest level – the man who became the best in history later. A six aged boy’s family couldn’t afford to built a car for Michael Schumacher back in the day – a local businessmen helped him to built a car and fulfill the dream of the young Schumacher – who was able to show his class to this world.