A Day Around Michael Schumacher’s Ranch – August, 2013

A day around Michael Schumacher’s ranch back in 2013 – the place where the legend spent his time after F1 retirement.

In an interview for Eurosport, Michael Schumacher said: “Welcome to our ranch, to our new life, this is my wife’s life in particular but I share her passion.”

Asked about F1, if he wants to do what Hamilton and Rosberg did back then in 2013, he replied: “To be honest, I don’t have the power anymore and I’m not motivated anymore, and I miss physical strength.”

“F1 is very hard, It’s not just 20 races, you need to work very hard even at home.”

“I didn’t have the energy back in 2006 and that’s why I quit, later in 2010 I was ready again to compete so I lost a lot of energy in those three years.”

“My aim was not to win races, my goal was to win championship again but that was impossible to compete with Red Bull and Ferrari.” concluded Schumacher.