A three-year-old Sebastian Vettel drifting like professional

In an documentary of Spiegel TV for Sebastian Vettel, we see the young Seb drifting his kart like a professional.

Sebastian Vettel who won four F1 titles driving for Red Bull racing team, we go back and watch his documentary on Spiegel TV.

Sebastian Vettel started his career for Williams BMW team, who later signed for Scuderia Toro Rosso back in 2008.

He showed his class back in 2008 in Monza where he won during a wet weekend, who was unstoppable driving in a much slower car.

Red Bull racing team signed him for 2009, and that’s the team where it all begun for the young German.

In 2010, he had very competetive car fighting for the championship, battling with Fernando Alonso throughout the season and winning the title in the last race.

Those four years were dominated by Sebastian Vettel, winning four F1 titles before joining Ferrari in 2015.