Alonso driving the Senna MP4-4 around Barcelona


Flashback when Fernando Alonso was at McLaren together with Jenson Button, he had the chance to drive Senna’s MP4-4 car around Barcelona.

However, Alonso is a two time world champion, the man who left Renault to join McLaren back in 2007 to win again in F1.

But in his first year at McLaren things didn’t go well, he lost the championship in the last race of the season to Kimi Raikkonen.

He left at the end of 2007 and joined Renault team again, Renault couldn’t compete at the front anymore.

He decided to join Ferrari in 2010 to win again, but unlucky again, he lost the title twice in the final race of the season against Vettel.

Since then Alonso never been able to fight at the front, next year he is joining Aston Martin with a hope to fight at the front again.

The McLaren MP4-4 was the most dominant car in history of Formula One back in 1988, winning 15 races out of 16 during the season.