An analysis of Michael Schumacher’s driving style (VIDEO)

We go back and analyse the way of Michael Schumacher drove his F1 car during his career and why he was so fast.

Many F1 legends comment on the video like Damon Hill, Johny Herbert, Jonathan Palmer and many others.

Michael is known as one of the best drivers in history, winning seven championship in this sport during his career.

His first two titles came back in 1994 and 1995, the first one was expected to be with Senna throughout the season, but Senna’s season ended early after Imola crash.

It was Damon Hill who stepped up and tried to beat Michael Schumacher in 1994, but the last race decided the championship.

However, the German driver joined Scuderia Ferrari in 1996, to bring the Marranello team to glory after two decades of failing.

He had to wait five years, to start winning again, his season in 2000 will be remembered as one of the best in history, beating Hakkinen of McLaren.

Schumacher won five championships in a row for Scuderia, the legend will be remembered by the Tifosi forever, as the best driver they ever had.