Ayrton Senna first ever test in Formula 1 – 1983

First ever test for Ayrton Senna in Formula One back in 1983 driving for Williams F1 team.

Senna started his career in F1 back in 1984 for Toleman team, where he showed his class, and when it was raining, the Brazilian managed to fight with the frontrunners.

Later, he joined McLaren team, one of the best team on the grid with Alain Prost as a team-mate. Those were the golden years of F1, seeing best drivers in the same team fighting for the championship.

However, visually Senna was much better than Prost, but mathematically Prost knew how to handle Senna.

Senna managed to win three championship for the team before joining Williams team in 1994.

Watch his first test in F1 of Ayrton Senna: