Ayrton Senna first test at Williams in 1994

Ayrton Senna known as one of the best in history of the sport, joined Williams F1 team back in 1994, in the same year he lost his life at the San Marino GP.

Senna known as the most charismatic driver on the grid, the man who didn’t know the limits, he is absolutely the best in history according to many F1 greats.

Schumacher and Hamilton are the most successful drivers in history of Formula 1, but some doubt if they anyone else was better than Ayrton Senna.

Back in 80s, it was difficult for an Brazilian to come to Europe to compete in racing, but when the time came, Senna took everyone’s attention.

However, years earlier it was William F1 team who gave Senna a chance to test an F1 car in 1983, before joining F1.

Senna started his career in 1983, he remained in F1 until 1994, Senna managed to win three championships driving for British team McLaren.

Here is the first test at Williams in 1994: