Ayrton Senna: His career in Formula 1


Ayrton Senna started his career back in 1984 driving for Toleman team, but the car wasn’t competitive to fight at the front.

There was a chance for Ayrton Senna to win at Monaco GP, when a heavy rain hit the track, but the race was stopped, Senna finished second behind Prost.

However, Senna joined Lotus after one year at Toleman, at the new team he showed his class.

He took his first pole position driving for Lotus, and he also took his first win driving for this team.

When it was raining, everyone knew that Senna would be unstoppable.

In his first win at the Portuguese GP, he lapped everyone at the track, except the second finisher on the grid.

However, it didn’t took long for the big teams to knock Senna’s door, it was the British team who signed Ayrton Senna.

It all started at McLaren for the Brazilian, in his first year he was unable to win the championship, the car wasn’t competitive.

Second year at McLaren in 1988, was the most heated season that Formula 1 ever remember.

His battle with Prost for the championship, was one of the best rivalries in history of the sport.

However, driving for this team Senna won three championships, in 1994, he left McLaren to join Williams to fight for championships again.