Ayrton Senna: His first day at Williams


Flashback with Ayrton Senna, his move to Williams back in 1994 and his first test with the team.

He joined Williams, as he confirmed, it was the team that built the best cars on the grid back in the early of 90s.

However, Senna joined Formula 1 in the middle of 80s, who in a short time, showed his class.

It didn’t took long for McLaren team to knock the door to sign Ayrton Senna.

At McLaren, he had great battles with his team-mate Alain Prost, who was known as the best mathematician back in the day.

The tension at McLaren were raising every day, the battle between them was really hard to handle for Ron Dennis.

Ayrton Senna won his first title with the team in 1988, beating his team-mate by three points in the end.

But the battle continued in 1989, which ended with a collision in the final race of the season.

The title was handed to Prost after a small mistake of Senna, but the French driver had to leave the team.

However, their battle continued when Prost join Ferrari, but Senna again won the championship in 1990 beating Prost in the final race.

Senna’s first test with Williams F1 team:

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