Ayrton Senna – The Formula 1 Legend – His top 5 moments in F1

If we talk about F1 legends, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher are first in our minds.

Lets take a look at Senna’s top 5 best moments in F1…

Number 5:
Year debut in 1984

He arrived in F1 that year, just before his debut he tested for McLaren F1 Team, Williams, Toleman.

His car wasn’t good enough to compete with front runners but when they arrived in Monaco, Senna qualified P13 but on Sunday the wet conditions turned things upside down.

Senna showed his class with amazing skills catching the front runner Alain Prost before the red flag came.

It could have been a win for Ayrton Senna but unlucky, the race was over!

Number 4:
Senna’s first pole position in Formula 1

The king in wet track, Ayrton Senna claimed his first pole position in 1985 with an amazing lap and four tenth faster than later rival Alain Prost.

On Sunday, wet race, another chance for Senna to show his best, Ayrton Senna led from start to finish. A race to remember for him.

Number 3:
Qualifying in Monaco 1988

That year Senna joined to McLaren.

But who was his team-mate? Alain Prost – the man who had already two titles in his pocked and who wanted to keep winning.

Ayrton Senna did a brilliant lap in Monaco, 1.4 seconds faster than Alain Prost who was P2.

During his interview after the race he said: I was no longer driving the car consciously.

Number 2:
Winning his first Formula 1 Title

Ayrton Senna took his pole position for Japanese GP in 1988.

He had a really bad start and lost a lot of places before turn one, but the man kept pushing all the time and won Suzuka GP to secure his first F1 title.

Number 1:
The drive of the decade – European GP 1993

Every F1 fan knows well what he just did there!

It was a wet race and Senna did a great first lap from P5 to P1, remarkable performance.

Ayrton Senna won the race, 83 seconds ahead of Damon Hill.