Bentley 3 Litre – Specs and Design

The British manufacturer that was founded back in 1919 – produced their first ever car which was named the Bentley 3 Litre.

We will try to bring the specifications of the car, who designed it and the review of the car that isn’t on the road anymore.

The designer of the car is Walter Owen Bentley, the British man who was born in 1888, he later worked for Aston Martin from 1931.

Horsepower70 BHP
Top Speed130 KMH

List of all Bentley models

Bentley 3 Litre(1921-1929)
Bentley 6 Litre (1926–1930)
Bentley Mark VI (1946-1952) Standart
Bentley S1(1955–1959) S Series
Bentley S3 (1962-1965) S Series
Bentley T2 series(1977–1980)
Rolls-Royce Camargue (1975–1986)
Mulsanne Turbo (1980–1987)
Continental S(1994–1995)
Continental T (1996–2002)
Bentley 4 Litre
Bentley 8 Litre (1930-1932)
Bentley R Type
(1952–1955) Standart
Bentley S2
(1959–1962) S Series
Bentley T1 series
Bentley Rolls-Royce Corniche (1971–1984)
Mulsanne S
Continental R
Bentley Brooklands