Best Electric Cars 2021 – Specs

The most perfect electric cars of 2021 that are preferred to buy, we already know that in 2021 technology has advanced extremely, and we know that today customers are looking for the most economic cars, these cars are not only economic but also fast, these models are the most perfect of 2021

Car ModelPowerYearsHoursePower0-100
Hyundai Ioniq 573kWh-Battery2021301 hp5.2sec
Tesla Model 392kWh-Battery2021252 hp 3.1 sec
Porsche Taycan93.4 kWh-Battery2021523 hp4.0 sec
Ford Mustang Mach-E98.8 kWh-Battery2021480 hp3.8sec
Renault Zoe52 kWh-Battery2021109 hp11.4sec
Tesla Model S100 kWh-Battery20211,006 hp1.9sec
Kia e-Niro64 kWh-Battery2021200 hp9.5
Volkswagen ID.377 kWh-battery2021200 hp9.3