Bugatti Chiron Models – Specs, Review, Design

A two-seater sport car Bugatti Chiron who was developed in Germany.

It’s production started back in 2016 and it is still present.

Bugatti Chiron Sport
Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300 and 300+
Bugatti Chiron Super Sport
Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport
Bugatti Chiron Noire
5 Models of Bugatti Chiron


First version of Bugatti Chiron Sport was revealed back in 2018 in Geneva and It’s price was around $400.000.

EngineV8 Turbocharged
Horsepower1479 BHP
Maximum speed420 KM/H
Bugatti Chiron Sport 2018 Specs

Bugatti Chiron – 110 ANS (2019)

Version of Bugatti Chiron – The 110 Bugatti ANS introduced back in 2019. This model is a limited and it is developed to celebrate the 110 years of Bugatti. A little bit different design to the first Bugatti Chiron Sport. Engine and the performance of the car are similar.

Engine W16 Turbocharged – 8.0L
Horsepower1479 BHP
Top Speed420 KM/H
Similar to the first one – Specs of 110 ANS Bugatti

Chiron Super Sport 300+

Chiron Sport 300+ came also back in 2019 but It’s performances are far superior to the first two Chiron’ models.

Increased top speed with much more powerful engine.

Engine W16 Quad Turbo – 8.0L
Horsepower1599 BHP
Top Speed480 KM/H
Bugatti Chiron Super Sport+ Specifications

Chiron Super Sport 300 (2022)

The beauty is expected to come in 2022 with special redesign of Bugatti 300+.

The power of the car will be similar to the 300+ but It’s speed will be limited to 440 KM/H.

Production of Super Sport 300 is expected to start in early of 2022.

Engine W16 Quad Turbo – 8.0L
Horsepower1577 BHP
Top Speed440 KM/H
Specifications of Bugatti Super Sport 300 (2022)

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport (2020)

This model of Chiron came early of 2020 and It’s name is Pur Sport and It’s lighter than the others Bugatti Chiron models.

EngineW16 Quad Turbo – 8.0L
Horsepower1479 BHP
Top Speed350 KM/H
Specifications of Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport (2020)

Bugatti Chiron Noire (2020)

Another Special edition by Bugatti and only 20 of them has been made and the price of the car starts at 3.3$ million.

It’s production started back in 2020.

Engine8.0L – Quad Turbo W16
Horsepower1500 BHP
Top Speed420 KM/H
Specifications of Bugatti Chiron Noire (2020)