Cadillac CTS First generation (2003) Specs

Introduced in early 2002 as a 2003 model, the CTS sedan was built on GM’s new rear-wheel drive Sigma platform and sport fully independent suspension.

2.6 L LY9 V6
2.8 L LP1 V6
3.2 L LA3 V6
3.6 L LY7 V6
5.7 L LS6 V8
6.0 L LS2 V8

Originally powered by a 3.2 L LA3 V6 producing 220 hp, the CTS received an updated 3.6 L DOHC V6 with variable valve timing as an option in 2004, producing 255 hp.

The 3.2 L engine went out of production in 2005, when a new 2.8 L version of the DOHC V6 debuted in an entry-level version of the CTS. In Europe, the 2.8 L replaced the previous entry-level 2.6 L engine.

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