Engine Start-Up After 12 Years of Hibernate

Formula 1 engine fire-up after 12 years of hibernation – the car is of Damon Hill in 1997, Arrows A18.

Damon Hill after winning the championship for Williams back in 1996, he was dropped by the team.

The reigning world champion in F1 made his choice to join the Arrows team back in 1997, a big surprise for every F1 fan.

Damon Hill has driven the Arrows A18 powered by Yamaha V10 engine with 700 horsepower.

Damon Hill race in Hungary driving for the Arrows team, will be remembered for a long time who was leading the race until the last lap.

He couldn’t keep the first position after having electrical problems, Villeneuve took the win in the last lap, Damon Hill managed to finish second.

However, if you see the reability of the car during the season, the Arrows A18 had a very difficult season, Hill had retired six times during the season and Pedro Diniz retired twelwe times.

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