Enzo Ferrari one of the best car ever produced

Flashback when Michael Schumacher tested the Enzo Ferrari, one of the most viewed videos of 2019.

Michael remains one of the best in history of F1, and the best driver Ferrari ever had in their history.

He joined Scuderia in 1996, to bring back the team to winning ways, which he did, and then became the most successful driver ever.

Without Ferrari, we cannot imagine F1, that is why he chosed this team back then, he did the right thing and took the heart of millions around the world.

The only driver that matched his title record is Lewis Hamilton, they are equal at the moment, yet we have to wait and see if Lewis can break it.

If you look back at the history of Mercedes, the team that won many titles in the last decade, it started after Michael retired from F1.

We have to credit him as he had influence on building the car for the future, Lewis took the chance and enjoyed it for years by dominating the sport.