F1 Legends Describe Michael Schumacher In One Word

Michael Schumacher – The F1 Legend who won seven world titles during his career in Formula 1 still remain the most loved driver in the world.

Can you describe Michael Schumacher in one word? – The first one was Fernando Alonso who were asked, Alonso who was the man to stop Ferrari dominance in 2005, then remembered as one of the toughest rival of Michael Schumacher.

Then it continues with Jean Alesi who also was Ferrari driver in the early of 90s, he also was 10 years together with Michael Schumacher in F1.

Next was Rubens Barrichello – Schumi’s team-mate in Ferrari and the man who knew Michael Schumacher better than any other driver in F1. They both dominated this sports for five years.

It continues with Ross Brawn – the man who helped Ferrari to get back to winning way and one of the most successful team manager’s in history of F1.

Schumacher started his career at Jordan team – but the bullet eye of Briatore knew that this guy is different, he knocked the door of Jordan day after the first race. Schumacher won his first and second title with Benetton team.

There are more legends who describe Michael Schumacher in one word… check out the video.

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