F2004: The best car Ferrari ever made in their F1 years


Flashback with Mick Schumacher driving his fathers car the F2004, the most dominant car Michael ever had.

If you look at the stats of 2004 season, Schumacher dominated it like never before in his career.

He won first seven races until Monaco, where a collision with Juan Pablo Montoya denied Schumacher of breaking a record.

He would have won all 13 races of 2004, he won 12 out of 13 and became world champion at Hungaroring, five races before the end of the season.

However, it was the last championship of Michael Schumacher, he never had the chance to win it again.

In 2006, he was very close to win it again, but engine failure at Suzuka cost him 8th F1 title.

He retired at the end of 2006 at Ferrari team, but he decided to compete in F1 again in 2010.

He signed for Mercedes team, but three years weren’t enough for the German manufacturer to built a winning car for the seven-time world champion.