Ferrari 1989 – fire up at Minardi day in 2018


Flashback of Ferrari fire up in front of a lot of Formula 1 fans, Minardi day back in 2018.

The Ferrari 639 V12 car was used back in 1989 by Scuderia Ferrari with Nigel Mansell and Gerhard Berger.

This car wasn’t able to match the McLaren’s at the end of 80s, they had to wait almost two decades to become at the top again.

However, Scuderia Ferrari remains one of the best teams in history of the sport, the most successful one.

In 1996 the team signed the German star back then, who together dominated the sport for the five years in a row.

But still, again Ferrari is suffering, last decade they weren’t able to win championshpin again, and still waiting for it.

The last champion of the team is Kimi Raikkonen back in 2008, the man who retired at the end of 2021.