Ferrari 312: The car of Niki Lauda


Ferrari 312 is the car that the team used back in 1974 when Niki Lauda crashed at the German Grand Prix.

Niki Lauda luckily survived back in the day and he recovered very quickly to come back in F1.

It didn’t scared Lauda back in the day, he survived and came back in F1 to win again.

A year later he won his first championship in Formula 1, and that is hard to believe to escape such a big crash and come back as a champion year later.

It didn’t end there, Niki Lauda won two more titles later in F1, in 1977 and 1984.

He is known as great fighter and one of the best Formula 1 driver in history.

However, in 1974 it was McLaren-Ford who won the championship ahead of Ferrari team with only 8 points.