Ferrari 639 – The F1 challenger used by Maranello back in 1989

Ferrari 639 car was used by Maranello team back in 1989, with Nigel Mansell and Gerhardt Berger at the wheel.

The car wasn’t competitive to fight for the championship, but both drivers managed to take wins during the season.

Nigel Mansell won at the Hungarian GP, while Gerhardt Berger won at the Portuguese GP back in 1989 season.

However, McLaren dominance in 1989 was impossible to match by anyone, Ayrton Senna took 13 pole positions out of 16 possible.

On the other hand his team-mate Alain Prost took just two pole position during the season, but he won four races in 1989.


The engine of Ferrari 639 was 3.5-liter V12


7-speed Automatic


The maximum power was hit 685 hp

Who designed Ferrari 639

The designer was John Barnard – the British man who for the first time to introduce semi-automatic gearbox for Ferrari in 1989.