Ferrari 643 that was used by Maranello team in 1991


Fire up of Ferrari 643, the sound of V12 is that all the fans are missing today, many enjoyed the sport due to the sound of these engines.

Ferrari is known as one of the best team in history, and the most successful team in history of the sport.

Specs of Ferrari 643

Engine: 3.5-liter V12
Transmission: 7-speed semi-automatic
Horsepower: 710hp

Ferrari had two great French drivers back in the day, the four time world champion Alain Prost, and Jean Alesi.

However, Ferrari haven’t been able to win in F1 for two decades, until Michael Schumacher win in 2000.

Jean Alesi joined Ferrari after leaving McLaren, but was unable to win the title in the final race of the season, the crash with Senna at Suzuka, cost him possible championship.