Ferrari 643: The car that was used in 1991

The Ferrari 643 that was used back in 1991, designed by Nichols and Migeot and was built by Maranello team.

Back in the days when Ferrari had the four time world champion Alain Prost at the wheel of their car.

He was partnered by another French driver Jean Alesi at the time, but were unable to fight for the championships.

Engine of Ferrari 643

Ferrari Tipo 291 – 3.5-liter V12


7-speed semi-automatic


The maximum they have reached was 710 bhp

Looking back at the history of Scuderia Ferrari, they haven’t been able to built a winning car from 1983 to 2000.

Jean Alesi the man who drove this car back then, he also owned Ferrari 643 who later put it on sale for $700,000.