Ferrari Chairman: Binotto warned – mistakes must end!

Ferrari chairman warned the team that mistakes must end for the rest of the season, but after all he praised the team for the job they are doing.

Ferrari lately have made many mistakes, which was criticised by the media and former F1 drivers.

“We have great faith in Mattia Binotto and appreciate everything he and all our engineers have done, but there is no doubt that the work in Maranello, in the garage, on the pit wall and at the wheel needs to improve,” Elkann is quoted as saying to Italian publication Gazzetta dello Sport by

“We must continue to make progress and that goes for the mechanics, the engineers, the drivers and obviously, the entire management team, including the Team Principal.

“We have seen that there are still too many mistakes when it comes to reliability, driving and strategy.

“Putting our trust in Binotto and his team was the right decision and it has paid off. Thanks to them we are competitive and winning again. But I am not satisfied because I think we can always do better.”