Ferrari Daytona: Units Sold, Specs and the Price in 2022

Ferrari Daytona – maybe you have never heard of it, a forgotten car that would interest you about it.

It’s production started back in 1968 – a long time ago, a two-seat grand tourer produced by the Italian manufacturer which remained until 1973.

A very fast car back in the days – and the design of it was just amazing for a 60s car.

The designer of the car was Leonardo Fioravanti – the Italian who designed many Ferrari cars through the years.

Specifications of Ferrari Daytona:

  • Engine: 4.4-liter V12 Columbo
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual
  • Horsepower: 347 hp
  • Top Speed: 280 KM/H

How many units of Ferrari Daytona were sold?

Ferrari produced 1,284 produced units of this model for five years.

What was the price of Ferrari Daytona?

The price of the car back in 1968 was $25,000.

How much Ferrari Daytona of 1968 costs in 2022?

This car today costs a lot more than in 1968, the price is around $2 million.