Ferrari Testarossa: How many units were sold? Price in 2022?

The Italian manufacturer started it’s production back in 1984 until 1996 – Ferrari sold a lot of this model around the world, especially in USA.

However, the designer of Ferrari Testarossa was Leonardo Fioravanti, the man who made a lot of other models for the same manufacturer.

Specifications of Ferrari Testarossa

  • Engine: 4.9-liter V12
  • Horsepower: 385 hp
  • Top Speed: 290 KM/H
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual

The most wanted Ferrari in history around the world – one of the most beautiful and most powerful in the world.

How many units were sold of Ferrari Testarossa model?

The Italian manufacturer produced 9.939 units which were sold in 10 years, a record for this manufacturer.

How much was the price back then to buy as a new?

At the beginning back in 1985 the price was $85.000 – but when interest raised the price gone to $150.000 at the end of 1990.

The price of Ferrari Testarossa in 2022?

There are many around the world – so if you go for a low price under $100.000 – the car could have a lot of problems, the price of this car that is in good conditions is around $400.000.