Ferrari: The V10 and V12 cars around Nurburgring


Flashback in an event in Nurburgring, testing the Ferrari cars around the track, and fire up of the V10 and V12 engines.

Scuderia Ferrari had to wait for almost two decades to win again in Formula 1.

They struggled in the late of 80s and for the whole 90s to win again in F1, until Schumacher came and changed everything at the team.

However, in 2000 Ferrari built a winning car that was really hard to match by other teams on the grid.

Michael Schumacher dominated from 2000 to 2004 winning five titles in a row for Scuderia Ferrari.

This team, remains the most successful team in Formula 1, and they compete since the F1 existence.

However, check out this video and enjoy the sound of Ferrari V10 and V12 cars.