Ferrari V10 Start Up After Some Years

A flashback in 2007 at their 60th year anniversary Ferrari fired up their V10 engine.

Ferrari is the most successful team in this sport, those years with Michael will go down as the best years in history of the team.

Scuderia Ferrari is a dream for every driver that reaches Formula 1, but not all of them get the chance to drive for them.

However, remembering Michael Schumacher who had better offers from the British team McLaren back in 1996, he chosed Ferrari.

In an interview he explained that he chosed this team because of the history of the Ferrari, the car wasn’t capable for winning back then.

Schumacher won five championships for this team, it was Kimi Raikkonen who replaced him, another great champion who won the title in his first year at the team.

But since then, Ferrari never had a winning car to compete for the championships, finally in 2022 there is a great chance for them to come back where they belong.