Five Best Car Insurance In USA 2022

We will try our best to bring the five best car insurance in America, we always as a customer need to find the best solution.

There are many companies in USA, the cost of it doesn’t change much but we always look for best options out there.

We collected the informations and we will try to give you the five best car insurance companies in USA today.

Number One: USAA – RATE 4.7

Yes, the USAA remains the best insurance company in America, we would rate it 4.7.

There are many options at USAA insurance, including home owners, cars and many other options.

Number Two: Nationwide – RATE 4.4

We have chosed the Nationwide as number two in America, rated 4.4 and one of the best car insurance.

As a customer the loyalty of a company is very imporant for all of us, it remains the highest together with USAA.

Number Three: State Farm – Rate 4.3

However, number three was little bit harder to chose between State Farm and Farmer, but our third option is State farm.

We believe State Farm deserves to be the third option as it one of the cheapest car insurance company in 2022.

Number Four: Farmers – Rate 4.2

Again, loyalty and customer service is a thing that we need want to see, we rate the company with 4.2

Number Five: Geico – Rate 4.2

Not much difference between third, four and five option here, the rate of the company is 4.2 also same as Farmers.

Geico remains one of the cheapest company, a company with high loyalty for customers and great customer service.

CompanyMonthly Car Insurance for Good drivers
State Farm$117
Company costs – Monthly car insurance – for good drivers