FLASHBACK: Michael Schumacher last lap with Ferrari

15 years ago, Michael Schumacher decided to leave Formula 1 for good.

After 10 years driving for Ferrari he had to celebrate his last lap with Ferrari with all Italian Tifossi.

Michael Schumacher who left Benetton back in 1996, who could have won more F1 titles with that team, he decided to go and drive for the Prancing Horse who was nowhere near the top teams.

Eddie Irvine also said in the documentary of Schumacher: “We didn’t knew how bad that Ferrari was in 96′, it was a disaster.”

But Schumacher never gave up, he knew that he could bring that team back to the top and start winning titles.

Four years later after suffering, Michael Schumacher finally started to win titles, he won five F1 titles in a row with Scuderia Ferrari (2000-2004).

We go back and remind you the last lap with Ferrari for Michael Schumacher.

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