FLASHBACK: Michael Schumacher testing the F2007 in Catalunya

Flashback in Catalunya when Michael Schumacher were testing the F2007, the last Ferrari car that won F1 championship.

It was Kimi Raikkonen who won the title in the final race of the season, beating both McLaren at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

We don’t know how much influence Schumacher had during preparation of this car, but Schumi always gave his best to make a winning car for the Italian manufacturer.

Schumacher on the other hand, is the icon of the Scuderia Ferrari team, when we talk about this team, he is bigger than anyone else, even bigger than Enzo Ferrari.

Looking back in 2007, McLaren had the best drivers on the grid, but Kimi Raikkonen battled with them during the season, winning the last four races of the season and taking the championship.