Flashback of Ferrari 288 GTO – How much it costs in 2022 – specs, design

Flashback remembering the Ferrari 288 GTO, designed for Grand Turismo back in 1984 until 1987, maybe you weren’t born back then.

It was produced by the Italian manufacturer Maranello, and the designer of the car was Nicola Materazzi – the man who died in less than a month, 25 August 2022.

However, he was the father of 288 GTO and the legendary Ferrari F40, cars that will go down as king of sportcars.


– The engine of the car was 2.9-liter twin turbo V8.


– 5-manual transmission

Top Speed

The top-speed that Ferrari 288 GTO have reached is 304 KM/H


Unbelieveable power of Ferrari with 650 HP.

How much Ferrari 288 GTO the price was back in 1984?

The price of the car was $1.5 million, back in 1984 until 1987.

How much the Ferrari 288 GTO costs in 2022?

Ferrari produced only 272 GTO’s back in the day and today it costs much more than in the beginning of the production, in 2017 a Ferrari 288 GTO was sold for a price $3.9 million.