FLASHBACK: The real reasons why schumacher joined Ferrari

Flashback when Michael Schumacher revealed the real reason why he joined Scuderia Ferrari back in 1996.

In an interview Michael Schumacher says that another team offered him more money than Ferrari, but he decided to join the Prancing Horse for his own reasons.

Michael Schumacher joined the team, which wasn’t in front back then, but he worked very hard with the team to bring them to glory in a short time.

In 1996 in an interview Eddie Irvine revealed that when they jumped both on Ferrari cars, they saw that the car was a disaster and they had to do a lot of work.

Second year at Ferrari wasn’t bad at all, they fought with Williams all season until the incident with Michael Schumacher and Jasques Villeneuve, when Schumi was disqualified from the championship.

Later in 98′ and 99′ his battle with Mika Hakkinen, those were the years of fair fight but Mika’s McLaren was very strong and it was very difficult for Michael to keep up with British team.

Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari in 00′ F1 season, finally was competetive car to match McLaren throughout the season, battling with Mika every weekend. Schumi was able to win the championship in the final race of the season.

However, it was the year when Michael’s dominance started in F1, winning five Formula 1 titles in a row for Scuderia Ferrari.