FLASHBACK: Vintage Karting Championship – Schumacher versus Hamilton, Rosberg and Liuzzi

A very interesting karting race with Michael Schumacher against a future F1 drivers and champions.

A wet race and difficult for everyone, even for Michael Schumacher but a really enjoyable race to watch.

During the first race of the weekend – Schumacher hits the barriers trying to keep his car on the track, it was really hard to keep the car on track in this conditions.

But if you look at those names like, Hamilton and Rosberg, they were professionals even in karting and the most interesting thing is that Liuzzi was just unstoppable during the first race in a wet conditions.

Liuzzi also was a great driver back in the day, he drove for Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Force India and HRT during his years in Formula 1 (2005-2011)

However, a seven-time champion Michael Schumacher had a battle with Rosberg in some moments of this race, Hamilton was driving on his own.

If you look at these names, those boys give a lot to F1, Rosberg a world champion, Hamilton a seven-time world champion who is still in F1.

Liuzzi retired almost 11 years ago but never had a winning car in his hands to show his class, but there is no doubt, he was a great racer.