Fly by best ever sound in 1992 – The V12 Engines

A flashback at Monza back in 1992, when the sound of the cars were just amazing and we still miss those engines.

We don’t know if this sound will ever back around us – but many fans, especially those who enjoyed these days, they truly miss this sound.

This is a test day around Monza in 21 August 1992, Ivan Capelli driving the Scuderia Ferrari cars around the track.

There is also the legend of McLaren team – Ayrton Senna, Damon Hill at Williams Renault who later become F1 champion in 1996 driving for the same team.

The actual commentator of the sport, Martin Brundle also is in the track driving for Benetton team.

Many of old fans of the sport, remember the team of Minardi team who is also attending the test with Christian Fittipaldi at the wheel.

Nowadays the testing are limited and we don’t know if the stand would fill during testing, but you can see in the past, the love for this sport was big for many!

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The testing was a week before the Belgian GP, and three weeks later was the race at the same track and Senna was the winner at Monza in 1992.

However, Nigel Mansell dominated that year winning nine races out of sixteen, and his qualifying domination was just unbelievable, taking 14 pole position out of 16 possible.

We can easily say that the Williams-Renault of 1992 was the best car ever made, Mansell finished the season 52 points ahead of the second place sitter in the championships Ricardo Patrese.

The German star who was born a year before, Michael Schumacher finished third in the championship, who also won his first race in F1 in 1992 at the Belgian GP.