Football Charity match in tribute to Michael Schumacher – Videos

A football charity match event at Frankfurt stadium, in tribute to Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher.

Both friends, Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel who currently are F1 drivers, lined up alongside each other in the charity football match.

Mick and Vettel were the captains of the team, on the other side NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki was the captain of the team alongside Mats Hummels of Dortmund.

World Cup champions Lucas Podolski and Sami Khedira attended at the match, also the man who left Chelsea this summer Timo Werner.

Sebastian Vettel scored a great goal against Nowitzki team yesterday:

Let’s not forget the attendance of Schumacher’s biggest rival in F1, Mika Hakkinen, also David Coulthard who played a big role to help Mika win against Michael.

The money that have been collected, 100,000 euros have been donated to the Schumacher household basis (Continue Fighting Foundation) and Nowitzki’s (41Campus)

However, Schumacher remains one of the best in history of the sport by winning seven-championships in F1.

The only man who matches his title records at the moment is the British driver Hamilton who still drives for Mercedes.