Full Story Of Schumacher And Senna – What Really Happened Back In 1992

A flashback in 1990s – when a two giants of F1 had some conversation after what happened in Brazil back in 1992.

It all started at the Brazilian GP when Ayrton Senna defended very hard against Michael Schumacher during the race.

Ayrton Senna knew that he wouldn’t finish the race due to mechanical problems but he did everything he can to keep Schumacher behind, that’s how Senna was, he wouldn’t give up in front of his fans.

However, on the other hand Michael Schumacher was never used to it, it was his second year in F1 and he wasn’t used to race hard, it all started against Senna.

After the race, when Michael Schumacher were asked about what happened during the race, he criticized Ayrton Senna.

Senna never liked to be accused publicly, the next race was French GP and Senna found the opportunity to talk to Michael Schumacher. Watch the full story