GREAT Sound of Ferrari 2003 with Michael Schumacher

It’s been a long time since we haven’t enjoyed an F1 race with the v10 engines, the era that everyone misses nowadays.

We found this amazing footage of Michael Schumacher testing the 2003 F1 Ferrari car at Fiorano, the sound of this car is just great.

Schumacher in 2003 had difficulties during the season, as McLaren team and BMW tried very hard to match the speed of Ferrari, the battle for the championship remained until the race race.

Schumacher needed just one point to win the championship, Montoya needed a win and outside finish for Michael Schumacher.

Montoya’s BMW retired from the race for mechanical issues after first five laps of the race at Suzuka. Schumacher won his six championship in F1 back in 2003.