Haas confirm decision is made about Mick Schumacher – they will announce next week


Haas boss has confirmed that he has decided if the team will keep Mick Schumacher or not for the next season.

The team is expected to announce next week their decision and confirm their line-up for the next season.
When reporters asked Steiner if the team has made a decision for Mick, he replied, “Yes, right.”

“We are just sorting our details, and then announce our decision.”

“The announcement will be some time next week,” Steiner continued.

“I’m not telling you the day because everybody will be waiting for that day, but it will be next week.” Steiner said.

Steiner said about Mick, “He got more consistent lately, he obviously improved,”

“We all as a team had good and bad moments, It’s up and down.” he concluded.