Hakkinen v Schumacher: Battle of titans at the end of 90s


Michael Schumacher battle with Mika Hakkinen will go down in history as the greatest rivalry in history of Formula 1.

Their battle during the 1998 – is one of the best world have seen, two great drivers, two different manufacturers, and great friends outside the car.

However, McLaren was the team to beat that year, somehow the German driver kept fighting Mika throughout the season.

McLaren showed their pace during the qualifying, it was just impossible to beat them, but in the race everything changed.

However, it didn’t end there, in 1999 it could have been much dramatic season if the accident at the British GP didn’t happen.

Michael Schumacher was able to keep up with Mika Hakkinen in many occasions, but not able to beat him in these two seasons.

IN 2000, finally Schumacher had a winning car in his hand, since then he was just unbeatable for five years in a row.

Back in 2006, Michael Schumacher retired from F1, in a TV Show Mika Hakkinen came to surprise the seven-time world champion.


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