Hamilton and Button driving the Alain Prost’s McLaren of 1986


Flashback with Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button driving the McLaren of Alain Prost that was used back in 1986.

Alain Prost’s championship winning car, he won the title by two points ahead of Nigel Mansell that year.

However, Prost was known as mathematician, he was able to win the championship with only 4 wins in 16 possible back in 1986.

Years later both McLaren’s drivers Button and Hamilton drove the car of Alain Prost.

They also explain the difference of the cars back then, and the cars in early of 2010s.

Button joined McLaren as a champion in 2010, while Lewis Hamilton started his career at McLaren where he remained until the end of 2012.

Lewis Hamilton replaced the seven time world champion Michael Schumacher, in V6 era Lewis Hamilton started to dominate in Formula 1.