Hamilton first 2022 interview: Difficult to fully understand everything

Lewis Hamilton first interview of 2022 was yesterday after Mercedes revealed their 2022 challenger for the new season.

It has been hard for him after the controversial race at Abu Dhabi as he explained: “I needed time, it was difficult to fully understand everything.”

He has been with his family for the whole time and there was no intention of quitting F1 after the Abu Dhabi he needed to stay out for a while.

Lewis Hamilton now is looking forward for the new season as he wants to win his 8th title in F1, but yet need to wait if his car will be strong enough to fight in front.

With the new regulations, there are possibilites to have another Brawn GP of 2009. It is rumoured that Ferrari have gained a lot with their new car.

Don’t write off Red Bull, McLaren and Alpine, they have won a lot before and they can do it again, this season could be a surprise to everyone.