Honda Fire Up Their 50 Years Old F1 Car

It’s old we say but still gold – a 50 years old engine works like a clock, looks like it suffers a little but it stays on fire!

If you look at their history, it’s unbelievable Honda produced an F1 car in 1964, four-years after producing a road car.

They started their first car to compete in F1 back in 1962, later in 1964 they entered in the sport with their R272 challenger.

They showed last decade, where Mercedes was just unstoppable – it was Honda engine who did the best job than anybody else, to catch up Mercedes and beat them for the championship.

It’s not the first time last year – they did the same years back, Honda entered in F1 1964, but in their second year they achieved a win at the Mexican GP in 1965.

You can see in this video the Honda RA300 which was produced in 1968 – firing their engine after some years and it still sounds great.