How Michael Schumacher won the race in the pit lane?

Do you remember when Michael Schumacher won the race in the pitlane? He had stop and go penalty so he decided to take it in the final lap of the race.

It happened back in 1998 season at the British GP, both Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen were battling for the championship.

The McLaren of Mika Hakkinen was just unbeatable back then, Mika started the race from pole position but Michael did his best to win the race on Sunday.

Schumacher passed Wurz when safety car was deployed, then he had to take 10-seconds stop and go penalty in the pit.

The team called him in in the last lap of the race, bu the time he reached the Ferrari garage, he already crosed the finish line which gave him the win of British GP.