Is Michael Schumacher greatest driver in history of Formula 1?

Who is the best ever driver in history of Formula 1? There were asked many legends – everyone believes that Schumacher is the greatest.

He spent 11 years at Ferrari – the team that suffered for almost two decades to come back on the top.

He started at Jordan team – When Jordan asked who is the best ever driver? He replied: “Schumacher will be remembered as the greatest ever driver.”

He joined Benetton team later where he won two championships in a row. When Briatore were asked the same question: he replied “Schumacher who else.”

It shows that the German is the man to be chosen as the greatest driver in history of this sport.

At Scuderia Ferrari he won five championships in a row – from 2000 to 2004.

He retired from F1 in 2006 – but he came back in 2010, but second stint in F1 wasn’t as he expected.