LaFerrari: One of the best cars on earth

LaFerrari remains one of the most beautiful Maranello ever produced, it was revealed back in 2013 and it’s production gone until 2018.

The total number of it’s production reached 710, which is a big number for a car that cost over a million euros.

The designeer of the car is Flavio Manzoni, a body style with two-door coupe and two-door targa top.

Engine6.3-liter V12
TransmissionSeven Speed Clutch
Top Speed352 KM/H
Horsepower950 BHP
LaFerrari specifications

The top speed is 352 KM/H, but there are a lot of drivers around the world that broke that limit.

Ferrari can reach higher than 370 KM/H, which is impressive. Ferrari still, is producing only sportscars and remains one of the best in the world.