Massive Price: McLaren to sell their first F1 car

The historic team of Formula 1 – McLaren has put at auction their first ever car they used in Formula One.

Mclaren which remains one of the best team in F1, even if they had poor performances in the last few years, they still remains at the top.

However, the last title they have won is back in 2007 with Lewis Hamilton, since then McLaren wasn’t able to match the front runners for almost two decades.

The founder of McLaren was the driver himself back in the first season in F1, but he couldn’t score any points back then.

Specifications of McLaren M2B

Engine: Ford 406 – 3.0-liter V8

Transmission: 5-speed manual

Horsepower: 315 KM/H

Top Speed: 320 KM/H

The price of the car will be around $1m – but it can go up to $2m if the interest raises.