McLaren F1 car – Specs, Design – How much it costs today?

Flashback of McLaren F1 car that was produced by the British manufacturer, we will bring the specs, design of it and the price of the car today.

The production of this car started back in 1992 until 1998, producing only 106 units in six-years.

What are the specifications of McLaren F1 car…


McLaren used BMW Engine – 6.1-liter V12


It has 6-speed manual

Top Speed

The maximum that reached McLaren F1 car was 372 km/h


The power was impressive with 618 hp.

Who designed the McLaren F1 car of 1992-1998?

The designer of the car was Gordon Murray together with Peter Stevens.

Who designed the BMW engine of McLaren F1 car?

The German designer Paul Rosche – who also designed many other engines in his years at BMW.

What was the price of McLaren F1 when it was new?

The starting price of McLaren F1 was $815,000.

What is the price of McLaren F1 today?

Today the price of McLaren F1 car that was produced back in 1991 is around $1.5 million.