Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W213) – Specs, Review, Design

Mercedes E-Class (W213) – This model was created in 2017 and continues to be present, this type of car is the most technologically advanced car that Mercedes had produced in 2017 and so far, it is the successor of Class E models and is a very comfortable car.

Car ModelYearsEngineHorsePower0-100

E 300
20162.0-litre turbo 245 hp 6 sec.

E 350
2019 2.0-litre turbo295 hp5.9 sec.

E 400
3.0-litre turbo
328 hp4.9 sec.

E 450
20193.0L Biturbo V6357 hp4.9 sec.

E 350e
2016Hybrid Plug-in208 hp6.2sec

E 180
2017-20201,595 cc turbo 16v154 hp8sec.

E 200
2019-20201,991 cc turbo 16v 194 hp

AMG E 63 S 2017-20204.0L-Twinturbo 32v V8604 hp3.0sec